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Artisan Collection

These knives are completely handmade by a small group of highly skilled artisan nokaji whose skills have been passed down for 4 generations.

The classic 3 layer warikome construction has allowed us to use a material usually reserved for very high-grade industrial applications such as the creation of dentist drill bits. The material is high-speed steel which unusually has the capacity to be hardened to HRC 63+/-1. This great hardness has two major advantages; firstly it means the cutting edge can be taken to a high degree of thinness thus resulting in an exceptionally fine silky smooth sharpness. Secondly, the hardened high-speed steel will have a considerably longer edge retention than a traditional high carbon core. Such hard durable material must be sandwiched between soft outer layers which imbue the blade with its third major benefit, easy resharpening.
The handles are triple riveted using laminated rosewood which is smooth yet ergonomic to hold and wield.

The Artisan Collection proved a powerful contributing factor in making Japanese Knife Company popular amongst hard working chefs and knife collectors alike when the company was in its infancy. The knives of the JKC Artisan Collection have long been favoured by committed knife enthusiasts for their superb balance and classic sleek look.

Artisan Collection

Artisan Paring/Utility

Artisan Gyuto (Available in 4 sizes)


Artisan Nakiri 165mm

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